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House contents valuations

Do you have antiques in your property and want to know what they’re worth? At ABC House Clearance in Lincoln, we offer valuations for any kind of antique and we do it for clients across the UK. Get in touch to discuss.

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Accurate antique valuations

at ABC House Clearance

Here at ABC House Clearance, you can count on us for valuations on a wide range of antique items including furniture, paintings, jewellery and other associated items. We can visit your property to make the valuation process easier for you. If you’re looking to sell your antiques or furniture, and if they're in a good enough condition, then give us a call. We may be able to buy them from you! We offer accurate valuations and fair prices on all the items we purchase, and they’re soon available to buy from our online store. Contact our team for more information.

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DavidP-2269 ( review)

We have been really impressed with Dave and the team. They accommodated our needs at quite short notice. Even when they had an issue with their van, they went the extra mile and finished the job on a Sunday afternoon!

Liz Dunn (Facebook review)

Thank you so much Dave for emptying my brother's house at so short notice. Fantastic job, everything removed and house left lovely and clean, great service at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend your services as you were very friendly, helpful and efficient. Well done ABC House Clearance - I would not hesitate ... recommending your services to friends and family.

Graeme Hardle (Google review)

I can thoroughly recommend Dave and team. They got the job done at short notice and were obliging and friendly. I would certainly use them again.

Book a valuation today! Dial 01522 801186 to call us or use the form below to reach us via email.

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