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If you need a clearance company in Harpenden, get in touch with ABC House Clearance today. Comprehensive service, 24 hour availability, enquire now.

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The right choice for clearing that property

It’s always an economical choice to hire a professional clearance company. There’s no need to scour your contact list to try and enlist family and friends to help out (and hope that they’re still available on the day!). There’s no need to hire a van or – worse – use the family car. And any required recycling or disposal is factored in. It’s the easy way to clear a property and because it’s a professional team doing it, you don’t have to worry about making the time in order to get the job done yourself. The collective expertise of a clearance crew can ensure that the right jobs are done in the right order, for an efficient and seamless clearance service. And with ABC House Clearance, you’ve got one of the best.

Our team at ABC House Clearance provide a comprehensive service, whether it’s a full or partial property clearance. With our 24 hour availability, we’re able to carry out the work at any time, so that the work is done in a timely manner and so that any disruption is kept to a minimum. As a nationwide service, we can take on any job anywhere in the UK, and with the skills of our team and the equipment we have available, you know that the service will be exemplary. ABC House Clearance is 100% family-run and we’ve been in the business now for over 65 years. Combine that with our full insurance coverage and Waste Carriers Licence, we’re a trusted service for property clearance. Get a free quote today.

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Customers across Harpenden can reach us by calling 01582 345771